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  • Only 10ml bottles and now more expensive ? Whats going on trip hammer I feel very disappointed I’ve been ordering from you for a long time with the cost of p & p on top of more expensive liquid it’s not really cost effective now was a happy customer

    • David Passey says:

      Don’t blame Triphammer, Blame the TPD you can only purchase Eliquid in 10ml bottles now by law, the cost of 10ml bottles has not risen you just don’t get the savings of buying 30ml bottles anymore. You can’t expect Triphammer to lower costs, think how much extra work and cost goes into supplying 10ml bottles only, I for one feel sorry for Triphammer and the staff who have to deal with working with 10ml bottles all day everyday!
      Good luck finding another supplier with lower costs and a product of Triphammer quality, I’m not sure there is one!
      Have you thought about mixing your own using Triphammer concentrates? the same flavours at a fraction of the cost.

  • Richard brown says:

    I’ve been smoking vap for about three years I thought my larst supplier was the best till on holiday in swanage I found triphamer .best juice ever don’t mind paying for quality nice one trip hamer


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